For general waste establishments

We process and collect general waste discharged from our offices. What is a "business office"? Restaurants, shops, construction sites, general companies, etc.
  • Is there a large amount of garbage or bulky trash that you are having trouble disposing of?
  • Please contact us if you are looking for a garbage disposal and collection company. We can collect and dispose of raw garbage, resource garbage, and large-scale garbage. See the following for the types of garbage.

  • Main types of general waste
  • ・Food (includes leftover food from restaurants)
    ・Clothing, used clothes
    ・Waste paper (newspaper, magazines, cardboard, etc.)
    ・Bottles, cans, plastics
    ・Household appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, etc.)
    ・Fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, and other electric appliances

  • Localized area
  • Motobu Town, Nakijin Village
    Please feel free to contact us for the area corresponding to the region.


Collection and transportation of industrial waste

Industrial waste refers to the 20 types of waste specified by the Waste Management Law among the waste generated by business activities.
  • Speaking of typical ones?
  • "Burning husks" such as charcoal waste and residual ash from incinerators "Waste oil" such as mineral oil and animal and vegetable oil Steel or non-ferrous metal debris, abrasive debris, etc. There are "metal scraps" and so on.

  • Types of industrial waste
  • There are 20 types of industrial waste specified by the Waste Management Law. It refers to waste.

    1. Cinder
    2. Sludge
    3. Waste oil
    4. Waste acid
    5. Waste alkali
    6. Waste plastics
    7. Rubber scrap
    8. Metal scrap
    9. Glass / concrete / ceramic scrap
    10. Mining
    11. Debris
    12. Dust
    13. Waste paper
    14. Wood chips
    15. Textile waste
    16. Animal solid waste
    17. Animal and plant residues
    18. Animal manure
    19. Animal carcasses
    20. The above industrial waste such as concrete solids Processed for disposal, not applicable to 1~19 thing


General household waste collection

Are you having trouble processing oversized garbage and household appliances?
We also support the collection of general household waste. Please feel free to contact us if you have any furniture that you no longer use, bulky garbage that was generated when you moved, or garbage that is difficult to dispose by yourself.
  • Handling list
  • TV setDVD playerRefrigerator
    PC relatedAir conditionerCloset
    BicycleHome appliancesMusical instrument

    Please feel free to contact us as we accept orders other than those listed above.

  • Price information
  • TV4,500円~
    Air conditioner6,000円~
    Washing machine7,000円~
    Other home appliances500円~

    □ For the disposal of home appliances, some manufacturers may change the recycling fee regularly or may not be eligible.
    □ Please contact us for more information, as the price of furniture etc. varies depending on the type and size.

  • House cleaning
  • We also accept cleaning work (house cleaning) as a set after garbage collection.
    You can save time and effort such as adjusting the time and schedule by requesting one contractor.


Septic tank management

When a septic tank is installed, the manager is obliged to maintain it under the septic tank law. Maintenance (mainly maintenance and inspection and cleaning) requires specialized knowledge, and it is common to outsource to a registered or licensed vendor.
Maintenance of the septic tank is very important!

A septic tank is a device that treats sewage by utilizing the action of microorganisms. Maintenance is required to maintain an environment where microorganisms can easily act.

[What is septic tank maintenance? ]

■Maintenance and inspection of septic tank
■Septic tank cleaning
■ Legal inspection

【About the cost】

Please contact us for the cost of inspection and cleaning (pumping) of the septic tank.


House cleaning

We accept cleaning house cleaning from ordinary households to stores and offices. We provide general services such as air-conditioning cleaning, kitchen, range hood (ventilation fan), bathroom (unit bath), toilet, vanity, etc. We also take care of cleaning when moving in / moving out of apartments and condominiums and detached houses.
  • Cleaning house cleaning for general households and individuals
  • Why don't you leave your house dirty? As time goes by, the dirt becomes more stubborn. Do you have such troubles as "I can't clean because I don't have time" "I can't clean the dirt myself"? Please leave it to our professional cleaning staff.


    *Prices for home appliances may vary depending on the manufacturer model. *Please contact us for a quote on the details of cleaning the entire house after consultation.

  • Cleaning house cleaning for stores and offices
  • Is dirt in the store or office noticeable? Customers are looking closely. You may not be able to trust a company that is contaminated to get a job. Cleanliness is very important at restaurants. You can expect to improve work efficiency by letting employees to work in a beautiful environment. Regular cleaning should give employees the motivation to clean the details.

    Air conditioner cleaning 9,000 yen~
    Kitchen cleaning 12,000 yen ~
    Ventilation fan cleaning 10,000 yen~
    Washing machine cleaning from 12,000 yen
    Bathroom cleaning 12,000 yen ~
    Toilet cleaning from 8,000 yen
    Carpet Cleaning Quote
    Flooring coding
    Get a quote for cleaning the whole house
    Commercial air conditioner cleaning from 20,000 yen
    Shop glass cleaning quotation
    Store Carpet Cleaning Quote
    Store floor wax quotation
  • Cleaning of apartments, condominiums, detached houses and moving out
  • ◇ I bought a used property, but it has not been cleaned properly. I want to give a clean and good impression so that I can sell the property I currently own. Recommended for such customers.
    ◇Real estate management company, rental property owner
    If you are looking for a cleaning company, please contact us.

    One room 25,000 yen~
    1K・1DK 30,000 yen~
    1LDK・2DK 35,000 yen~
    2LDK/3DK 45,000 yen~
    3LDK/4DK 60,000 yen~
    4LDK/5DK 75,000 yen~
    Quotation over 5DK
    Detached House Quotation
  • Garbage collection
  • We also collect household waste that comes out when we move out.
    For details, please check the general household waste collection page.